La Maison De Rumi was established as a creative artlier and platform showcasing glimpses of Alicia’s visual photo documentation project on  The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine in Arabia

Alicia’s desire to create dervishes had to do with dreams that came through the Masters of Wisdom. On more than one occasion, art was shown to her and as a result her desire to create unique dervish characters became somewhat an obsession.

Her desire to house the dervishes in royal palaces and homes of the mystically gifted translated to pure manifestation. 

In 2017, Alicia’s art reached royals, Prince Turki Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei.

2017 Commissioned art works for directors and producers: Augusti Villaronga, Andres Gomez and Stewart Sutherland.

2020 more of her works depicting Arabized dervishes reached the Royal House of Al Qasimi in Sharjah; HRH Mohammad Al Qasimi and Jawaher al Qasimi.

2020 Alicia was commissioned to create art for the house of Sharif Al Hussain’s family in Saudi Arabia and distinguished personalities including Shams Friedlander, Haroon Sugish, Faruk Aksoy and Seinsei Bin Zager.



June 2020 Under the Abaya photography

March 2021- TEDx Arabia