عودة ظهور الأنثوية الإلهية في الجزيرة العربية

Photo Documentation Project on  The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine in Arabia

Explores the multifaceted spiritual dimensions of the female. The female desires equality, harmonious participation, and inclusion in all areas of life. The female has always been an object of great desire and curiosity. The female defies being sexualized and objectified by society and government. Moreover, religion has for centuries been interpreted and ruled by males. Males are on the frontlines of religion and rule. The evolved female expresses distaste and aversion to a masculine interpretation of law and doctrines. Hence, a new breed of women, the evolved femme, desires to break away in total and rediscover the Divine through her eyes,  her heart and her connection to nature and the God within. She now is the redefined leader in her own right of both secular and religion interpreted through the femme.  The soul of this femme unleashes herself through a rebirth. She is the embodiment of Divine Energy. As the select gender to birth, she harnesses her inherent Divine powers to co-create a new world.

The Divine Feminine

The Lover

The Mystic

The Dancer

The Poet

The Writer

The Activist/Campaigner

The Visionary

The Revolutionary

The Philosopher

Through photography, my art and poetry, visitors gain access to my Divaan; the inner courtyard of my heart. Akin to a walk-through my soul, entering into the inner realms exploring the above themes through a combination of photography, art, and poetry. The experience helps to engage the heart guest in exploring the similar themes within their own being. For any society to flourish and reach great heights of conscious awareness, the birth their spirit becomes mandatory.

Oppressed spirituality has lead to a new breed of disharmonized females and a disharmonized society. The prolonged creative oppression further aggravated a desire for the woman to birth her soul, a desire to be set free. In the process, she became a poet, writer, mystic, dancer, lover and essentially an evolved Soul Artist. Through a full embrace, passionately and compassionately, she unveils herself to all, subtly, discreetly and fearlessly.

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